About Us

GAKUDAN SHIKI – the literary translation is a music company of four instruments, and has more flavor in Japanese language – is a double bass quartet formed by jazz bassists in Nagoya area. We play jazz tunes including both our original songs and jazz standards with own arrangements at local jazz clubs.

In addition to regular gigs, we are ambitious to collaborate with musicians or other performing arts like play, dance and so on.

The Members

  • YOSHIOKA Naoki – double bass, bandleader, arranger, composer
  • TANII Naoto – double bass
  • HIDA Yuya – double bass
  • SOBUE Yuki – double bass


Fri Jun 23, 2017: At Jazz Ghost V., Gifu City

Nagazumicho 2-10-19, Gifu City, Gifu (“Meitetsu Gifu” station)
8PM/2 shows/2000 yen

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